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Back on your mat

What keeps you coming back to your mat?

We all have those days where we feel lazy and can think of a dozen reasons not to go to yoga. What are the deal breakers for you and what do you do to make sure you make it to your mat?

If you are a teacher, what helps you on those days when you lack inspiration? Is it the people who show up that give you energy? You dig deep into the well and draw something forth? Do you hope for the best and speak from the heart?

For me, it is sometimes having so much to share or asanas to try; then looking at my watch and realize we have 15 minutes left and we have to get to hip openers yet! Or going to a class and really connecting to what the teacher is guiding us through, giving those perfect, insightful nuggets and thinking “why can’t I teach THIS way”? Well of course I know the answer to that!

I have also been struggling with some voice issues, so I know I am holding back, both in my cueing and sharing with the class. Have any of you dealt with this? How did you work through this?

Share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions!