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Yoga 101 Workshop


New Session Begins June 2 at 6:30pm

Are you new to yoga, or contemplating a return to your practice?

Yoga 101 is perfect for beginning students, as a reboot to your neglected practice, or for anyone who wants to refine and explore poses.  This workshop is designed to offer an introduction to basic poses and the element of breath with movement.

In this 8-week workshop, Cathy Goehler will teach key foundational poses to help you build strength, flexibility and the confidence to join in a studio class or know that you have the knowledge and ability to keep yourself safe in your home practice.

Each week we will explore a few poses, build the poses from the ground up, learn the names and purpose/benefits of the shapes, as well as practice them to imprint alignment and form in the body. There is time in this slower-paced environment for questions, clarification and feedback. Modifications will be taught to make the pose more accessible.

 Class will begin with a review and short practice of poses taught the previous week before moving on to the next set of poses.

At the end of this workshop, you will have developed a solid foundation of basic poses with the ability to modify a pose with an understanding of the relationship between breath and movement,

This is a loose outline of the 8-week workshop. If there is specific interest in other poses/sequences this workshop is designed to accommodate that and be flexible to the needs of the students.

Week One
Integration Poses: Child’s Pose, Table Top, Cow/Cat (linking movement and breath), opposite arm and leg extension, Down Dog, Rag Doll/forward folds (standing and seated) Plank

Week Two
Sun A: variations and modifications. Introduce Mountain, Cobra, Sphinx and Up Dog

Week Three
Sun B: Chair, Warrior II, Extended Side Angle, Reverse Warrior, Straddled Forward Fold, Triangle

Week Four
Warrior I, Humble Warrior, Pyramid Pose, Low lunge, Crescent lunge

Week Five
Back Bends: Locust, Camel, Bow, Bridge, Twists and neutralizers

Week Six
Hip openers: Pigeon variations (seated, prone, supine), Hamstring stretch with strap, cow face, deer pose, and frog pose

Week Seven
Balance poses: Tree, Eagle, ½ Moon, Standing ½ pigeon

Week Eight
Putting it all together! Final debrief/feedback.